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Terms and conditions

*Thank you for choosing Masters Paint Worx to inspect or repair your vehicle.

*Sighted estimates are based on visual damage only, and may vary upon dismantling.

*Our working hours are Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4.3pm and Friday 8.30am to 2pm. Your vehicle would need to be dropped off or collected between these hours.

*An estimated time for repairs will be given, however this may change due to unforeseen circumstances, such as extra damage found.

*All payments for repairs or excesses are to be paid in FULL prior to repaired vehicle leaving our premises. The excess amount is the amount agreed by under your insurance contract.

*Payments can be made by cash and credit card. If credit card is used a surcharge of 1% will apply.

*Our repair methods are based on getting the vehicle back to as close to manufacturers specifications as possible. Should our original estimate be altered in anyway in an effort to save cost or the repair method changed by other parties, warranty will be void.

*In cases where a vehicle has been repaired in the same area previously by someone other than Masters Paint Worx warranty will be void.

*All private work requires a 50% deposit if parts are required, the deposit MUST be paid on day of drop off for work to commence.

*NO responsibility will be taken by Masters Paint Worx for any personal item missing from the vehicle.

*Front & rear glass work is sublated for removal and may require replacement at customers cost.

*NO guarantees are given to RUST repairs.

*A 3 year paint work warranty comes with all new panels fitted by Masters Paint Worx

*On completion of repairs it is expected that all vehicles are collected in a timely manner. Vehicles not collected due to monies owed will be subject to a daily storage fee of $18.00.

* A Tax invoice meeting ATO requirements will be issued for repairs.

*Parts quoted are current at time of estimating, availability of those parts at time of authorisation may change.

Once again thank you for choosing Masters Paint Worx

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