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Except for rust repairs

Masters Paint worx warrants all repairs on your vehicle carried out by our staff member, for 3 years.

Masters paint worx guarantees to repair, free of charge, any defect in workmanship of repairs stated on the repair invoice, unless caused by or damage resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, old repairs not carried out by Masters Paint Worx, or lack of care of the vehicle.

Paint work

To the extent that we paint your vehicle or any portions of it, we warrant that paint work from any detectable defects or deterioration for the length of the manufactures warranty. However, this warranty does not cover deterioration of the paint work due to damage, road wear, chemical exposure, unusual environmental causes, or lack of care on your part.

In order to obtain service under this warranty, please call for an appointment to have your vehicle inspected at Masters Paint Worx. At the time of the appointment you must bring your original repair invoice with you. Upon determining that your claim qualifies for warranty we will make every effort to schedule your vehicle for correction on a priority basis.

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